ERASMUS+ Project



“REDESIGN” is an interdisciplinary collaborative European project awarded under “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices” of Erasmus plus. The project is a collaborative transnational initiative among six participating academic institutions and organizations across Europe, the University of Cyprus, University Politehnica of Bucharest, the University of Hull, Verein Offenes Lerner, Technology Enhanced Lifelong Learning, and Alcyone d.o.o.

The research project aims to redesign curricula to promote digital collaborations, e-skill development, immersive, and personalized learning experiences that expand beyond institutional boundaries. Students and instructors among European academic institutions will be exposed to the curricula of other academic institutions, identify common grounds for transnational collaborations, digital skill development and collaborate with students and faculty from other cultures and linguistic backgrounds.

Instructors, researchers, and professionals in technology enhanced learning in diverse disciplines, including electrical engineering and computer-assisted language learning are collaborating to redesign curricula around digitally participatory learning and transnational collaborations mediated by a newly designed interactive digital platform, augmented reality, and other related Web 2.0 technologies.