ERASMUS+ Project


ReDesign Workshop & Conference (June 05, 2019)

ReDesign presented at CALICO conference:"Redesigning educational curricula across academic institutions around digital participatory learning"

ReDesign is a three-year long EU-funded research study which presents a novel approach where a pool of experienced educators, educational technologists, engineers, researchers and IT professionals are collaborating to first design an interactive digital platform based on faculty members’ teaching needs and students’ learning needs.

ReDesign drew on recent endeavors among educators to promote multimodal learning experiences to improve student engagement through the use of multiple modes of context representation (i.e., interactive e-contexts) and cater to the learning styles and needs of a diverse student population across Europe (Sankey, Birch, & Gardiner, 2010).

ReDesign at the 30th Erasmus program anniversary event in Nicosia!

ReDesign was demonstrated at the 30th Erasmus program anniversary event which was held on October 7, 2017 in Nicosia. The festival featured multiple funded Erasmus plus projects, music, a photo exhibition, and traditional language games.