ERASMUS+ Project


The Materials


The newly designed platform, ReDesign, featuring multiple features, such as AR! Multiple Skype and face-to-face discussions with consortium partners, instructors and students' feedback played a critical role in adding new tools and features to serve the needs of the instructors and students.

For example, students have access to the following features: Wall, Friends, Professors, Groups, Events and Courses. Students can also have access to multiple other features designed for collaboration, assignments, and task completion. Instructors, on the other hand, have access to many more features including Institutions, Events, Institution Types, Courses, Assignments, etc.

At the next stage, students in electrical engineering will collaborate to view and participate in experiments in Romania, while future ESL teachers will collaborate on gaming, teaching, and CALL.

ReDesign Platform Student Manual

A manual has been prepared to guide students in navigating through the different tools and features of the ReDesign Platform. The manual is available to all students and faculty participating in the ReDesign project. It is updated regularly as new improvements and features are added to the platform.